2004 Mexico City

Second International Seminar: Managing the Impact of Transport on Air and Environment in Cities.

International Union of Air Pollution Prevention & Environmental Protection Associations (IUAPPA)
in association with the
Integrated Program on Urban, Regional and Global Air Pollution, MIT
International Seminar

Reducing The Impact of Vehicles on Air and Environment Quality in Cities

22 - 23rd January 2004 - Hotel Royal Pedregal, Mexico City (Mexico)

Sponsored by: - National Society of Clean Air and Environmental Protection (NSCA, UK)
- Comitato di Studio per l'Inquinamento Atmosferico (CSIA/ATI, Italy)


In most cities, at whatever stage of economic and population growth, road transport is now the major and most rapidly increasing source of air quality problems.

There are a wide range of alternative technological and policy instruments for addressing the problems, and accumulating evidence of their relative impacts in different cultural and economic circumstances. What is lacking, however is a coherent framework for identifying and assessing which combinations of measures (technical, regulatory and economic) are most likely to be effective in different circumstances, and the systems approach which can integrate transport, environmental and land use policies, to deliver long-term change – not only in terms of air pollution but also other aspects of environmental quality.

A key aim of the coming 13th World Clean Air and Environmental Protection Congress (August 22-27, 2004 - London) will be to address this issue. Using as its baseline the major study by Drs. Mario and Luisa Molina in Mexico City this preparatory seminar aimed to review the international evidence and prepare guidance and conclusions for wider debate in the World Congress.

Summary Report

Extensive notes from each oral presentation and relating discussion have been taken and assembled in a Summary Report prepared by Rebecca Dodder, Julia Gamas, Alvaro Covarrubias, Jed Homa, Luisa T. Molina, Robert Slott, MIT


Introductory Address:

  • The Issues Facing the Conference
    Luria Menachem, President IUAPPA
    Richard Mills, Director General IUAPPA

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Session 2: Cleaning Up Vehicles and Educating Drivers

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Session 3: Managing Demand : Economic Instruments

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Session 4: Planning and Implementation Constraints

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