2002 Sao Paulo

First International Seminar on Urban Air Quality Management.

International Union of Air Pollution Prevention & Environmental Protection Associations (IUAPPA)
Brazilian Association for Ecology and Water & Air Pollution Prevention (ABEPPOLAR)
in association with
The University of São Paulo
International Seminar

Urban Air Quality Managemnet
21st - 23rd October 2002 - Parthenon Hotel, São Paulo (Brazil)

Sponsored by: British Council (UK)
                         São Paulo State  Science and Technology Secretary (Brazil)
CSIA/ATI (Italy)

Background and Purpose

IUAPPA is an international body, open to appropriate associations in all countries which share a common commitment to promoting the exchange of information and development of understanding on air pollution prevention and environmental protection. Besides its 40 members, mostly representing developed countries, IUAPPA has also observers from numerous developing countries.

To further its mission, IUAPPA proposes to develop programs to facilitate exchange of practical experience, information and knowledge between developed and developing countries on practical aspects of urban air quality management.
The explosive growth of urban areas means that many communities in the developing world are having suddenly to tackle problems of urban air quality management with very little practical experience of the kind that other countries have accumulated over many decades.

The program would be aimed mainly at the needs of the areas of the world currently experiencing rapid urbanization, and where air quality is part of a complex mix of health, environmental and social issues.

The principal aim would be to ensure that those areas currently subject to rapid urbanization can take advantage of the experience of those where the process of urbanization is largely complete. At the same time, the program would assist all participants by enabling developed and developing countries to develop a common understanding of the enduring problems of urban air quality management.

The detailed seminar program has been prepared so as to be relevant to the needs of developed, and in particular developing, countries, giving an opportunity to the people involved to achieve a wide and deep picture of air pollution problems and reliable solutions.

The first seminar,  held in São Paulo (Brazil), one of the largest and most rapidly developing urban centers in the world, and joint with Global Conference-Building a Sustainable World, has bring together experts from Brazil and European member organizations of IUAPPA, together with invited guests from other Latin American countries and other member organizations of IUAPPA.



  • Dr. Randolpho Marques Lobato (President APPEPOLAR-Brazil, Vice-President IUAPPA)

Introductory Address:

  • The Issues Facing the Conference
    Prof. V. Mazzarella (Institute for Technological Research, Sao Pãulo)                 
    Dr. Richard Mills (Director General, IUAPPA)

Session 1: Managing Urban Air Quality - Recent Developments and Current Challenges

Session 2: Monitoring, Data Analysis and Public Information

Session 3: Regulating Industry and Other Stationary Sources

Session 4: Vehicle Emissions, Urban Transport and Air Quality

Session 5: Urban Air Quality and Health

Seminar Conclusions and Report

  • Dr. Richard Mills (Director General, IUAPPA)                                 
    Dr. George Lentz (Sao Pãulo, Brazil)

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