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PO Box 9-5
Chung-Li 320, Taiwan

tel: (+886-3) 425 6886           
fax: (+886-3) 425 3204
email: Dr Che-Ming Chang (cheming@cc.ncu.edu.tw)

Organisation and Objectives

EPS was established in 1974 and joined IUAPPA in 1976. Its aims are to bring people together for the purposes of studying and applying environmental sciences and technologies, in order to protect the local and global environments. It has industrial, corporate and individual membership categories. Individual members are drawn from local academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies.


  • Organising local and international conferences and seminars on environmental sciences and technologies;
  • Encouraging studies on environmental science and raising funds;
  • Collecting and publishing journals, books and other information on environmental sciences for academic studies and industrial applications;
  • Providing technical services to industry for solving pollution problems;
  • Training and recommending specialists in environmental sciences;
  • Promoting interaction between and cooperation with international environmental organisations.


Journal of the Environmental Protection Society, published twice a year. The Journal includes scientific papers from local and overseas members.

Principal Officers

President:  Professor En-Jang Sun
IUAPPA Executive: Professor Shih-Chong Lu
International Coordinator: Dr Che-Ming Chang
General Secretary: Dr Chi-Ming Peng