Comitato di Studio per l’Inquinamento Atmosferico
(full member)

Comitato di Studio per l’Inquinamento Atmosferico della Associazione Termotecnica Italiana
c/o Faculty of Economy, Dpt. of Scienze Merceologiche, University of Catania, Corso Italia 55, 95127 Catania, Italy  

mail: Professor Giuseppe Zerbo,
tel: (+39) 095383452
fax: (+39) 095383452

mail: Professor Giuseppe Fumarola,
tel: (+39) 0636308532
fax: (+39) 0636387147

Organisation and Objectives

CSIA-ATI was founded in 1975 and joined IUAPPA in 1983. It has individual supporting bodies as members. CSIA is a committee within the Italian Thermotechnique Association, founded in July 1947 with the main object of promoting and supporting research and activity in thermotechnics. In 1975 an ad hoc group, Gruppo di Studio per l’Inquinamento Atmosferico, was established for the purpose of creating a specialised scientific centre for technical and social reference in air pollution control, a problem closely linked to thermotechnics and energy use. In 1983 the Group was renamed CSIA.


  • Organisation of conferences and meetings on air pollution issues
  • Exchange and dissemination of information about air pollution and control methodologies related to environmental conservation.


La Termotecnica, monthly publication of ATI.

Principal Officers

President: Professor Giuseppe Zerbo
Vice-President: Professor Giuseppe Fumarola
Honorary President: Professor Umberto Ruggiero
Secretary: Mr Agatino Gambadoro