Association Pour La Prévention De La Pollution Atmosphérique
(full member)

10 rue Pierre Brossolette
94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France

tel: (+33-1) 42 11 15 00           
fax: (+33-1) 42 11 15 01           

Organisation and Objectives

APPA was founded in 1958 and is a founder member of IUAPPA. It was recognised as a public utility by the Government in 1962 and was approved by the Minister of the Environment in 1978. APPA is a multi-professional association providing a multi-disciplinary representation acting for the prevention and control of air pollution. The work of APPA is carried on throughout France by 16 regional committees. APPA hosted the 6th World Congress on Air Quality in 1983 and the 15th Regional Conference in 2006.


  • To provide a forum for all those interested in air quality (urban, indoor, occupational, etc) as engineers, doctors, hygienists, researchers, industry, official bodies (ministries, agencies); APPA’s activities are closely and historically linked to CITEPA (Centre Inter-professionnel Technique d’Etude de la Pollution Atmosphérique)
  • Mission of scientific vigilance in particular in the field of health effects of air pollution with experimental and epidemiological approaches
  • Research studies (metrological, epidemiological and sociological aspects) and participation in the elaboration of the French programmes of air and environmental research
  • Public education and information: exhibitions, documents for teachers and pupils, students, doctors, etc
  • Training of specialised personnel as engineers and doctors
  • Organisation of technical and scientific meetings.


  • Revue, Pollution Atmosphérique, quarterly, French.

Principal Officers

President: Jean-Marie Haguenoer
Honorary Presidentsr: Dr Michel Sommer and Prof. Bernard Festy
Director General: Aymeric Blanchet
Director of the scientific journal,Revu): -